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AD 1163 – Die Lange Reise nach Nowgorod

Game Design · Visual Design · Programming


It’s the 12th century and German traders are looking for a sea route to the Russian town Novgorod. Those early representatives of the Hanseatic League are going on a long journey across the Baltic Sea that will take several months. Will you be able to get them there?

The game is played by two players using a video conference app or telephone: One of them knows the route and has to explain it to the other one by describing the features on the cards before them. Afterwards the other player, while on sea, has to determine the right direction by choosing the right card. Mistakes will result in a longer journey.

At the moment the game is only available in German – however, it can be played without reading the words. The name of the ship you enter at the beginning determines the route, so make sure to choose the same name as the second player.

Anno Domini 1163 – Die Lange Reise nach Nowgorod was created by Dominik Jakubik and me during the Gamejam Hanse 2021 by the European Hansemuseum in Lübeck, Germany.